Mad Dash: Ronda Rousey's good reason to not fight a man (NBC on Yahoo Sports)


Ronda Rousey is at the top of her game and the top of her sport. She's dominated the competition so swiftly, and looked so terrifying doing it, that it has left many to question whether she could also dominate a male opponent. Rousey will probably never be the kind of athlete to back down from a challenge, and would absolutely be up for this one, but she openly wondered whether it's a good idea in an interview with the Daily Beast this week . Her main hold up? How it would look to the many fans watching when a man is punching a woman in the face and it's considered OK, especially in the wake of domestic violence issues in sports, most notably the NFL. It's an astute observation, giving us one more reason to love her. We totally agree, even if we still think she could whip just about anyone in the octagon.  Conference tournament week is tough for any diehard fan to stomach. March Madness berths and bragging rights are on the line, creating a storm of nerves for those watching. It was apparently too much for Butler Blue III to handle at the Big East Tournament in Madison Square Garden. The Bulldogs' mascot lost his dinner on the court before tipping off against Xavier, causing a brief delay, and a wave of amusing tweets. It was apparently an omen. He rallied, but Butler wasn't so lucky in a 67-61 loss to the Musketeers.  The Crimson Tide didn't win the national title this year, but it doesn't seem to have diminished Nick Saban's popularity, at least not on campus. Alabama's head football coach finished third in the student government presidential elections, receiving six write-in votes. Saban was actually a little wrinkle in a much more significant vote , as Elliot Spillers won, becoming the first black student government association president in nearly four decades at Alabama. Congratulations to both guys for their vote tallies.  - - - - - - - The Yahoo Sports Mad Dash is a roundup of the morning's trending stories from across the sports landscape. Check it out every day to see what's buzzing.


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