SEC Top 20 Impact Freshmen - #19 - Cameron Sims - WR – Alabama

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The Tide have some incredibly talented WR's already on the roster headlined by Amari Cooper who very well may be the most talented WR in the country.  Then you can't forget about Chris Black and Christion Jones who despite their small stature are lightening in a bottle and can go the distance any time they get the ball in their hands.  But Cameron Sims brings a different dimension with his 6'4 frame.  When you watch his film from HS he knows how to use his body, has excellent body control and can really leap.  With the Tide once again poised to have one of the most powerful running attacks in the SEC look for Sims to be a big time impact player on deep balls off the play action game.  While it may be difficult for him to break into the rotation for meaningful snaps early in the season look for him to be a TD machine in the second half of the season.  

Previous Players:

#20 - Jeb Blazevich - TE - UGA

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