Ranking the SEC Head Coaches

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#1 – Nick Saban – Alabama Crimson Tide

Is there any question about this?  Nick Saban is far and away the best coach in all of college football at the moment and one of the greatest of all time.  When you combine that with being one of the best recruiters in the country he has built a dynasty.

#2 – Les Miles – LSU Tigers

Say what you want about the “Mad Hatter” but the man can flat out coach a football team.  His team is ready to play every Saturday and he has averaged almost eleven wins per year over the last eight seasons.

#3 – Mark Richt – Georgia Bulldogs

Since Richt arrived at UGA Georgia has won the SEC East six times.  The Bulldogs have also won 2 SEC Championships.  He also is one of the best recruiters in college football and you can count on the Bulldogs to have stellar QB play every season and be amongst the top of the SEC.

#4 – Steve Spurrier – South Carolina Gamecocks

Spurrier has elevated the Gamecocks program to new heights but he has not been able to get the Gamecocks over the hump to consistently win the SEC East and/or win an SEC Championship game.  There is no doubt he is a great coach but how much longer until he hangs it up and spends his days on the golf course?

#5 – Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M Aggies

Sumlin has invaded the SEC with a vengeance and something to prove.  He has been a dominating recruiter since the move to the SEC and his team has been dynamic on the field.  The question is how will he fair without Johnny Football and will he be able to build an SEC caliber defense?

#6 – James Franklin – Vanderbilt

Franklin has taken the Vanderbilt program to new heights.  This season the Commodores have beaten both Georgia and Florida which is nearly unheard of.  He gets the most out of the talent on his roster and they compete for sixty minutes in every game.

#7 – Gus Malzahn – Auburn Tigers – Malzahn is someone who could rapidly rise up this list over the next couple seasons at Auburn.  He has built a dynamic offense that is nearly impossible to stop from running the ball and he is recruiting well. The last two games of the year against Georgia and Alabama will say a lot about Malzahn.

#8 – Butch Jones – Tennessee Volunteers – Jones is tearing it up on the recruiting trail since his arrival at Tennessee and has one of the Top 5 classes in the country for the class of 2014.  He is rebuilding the Tennessee program brick by brick and much faster than many thought was possible.

#9 – Gary Pinkel – Missouri Tigers – Missouri has had a huge turnaround in the SEC this season led by a dynamic offense and a better than expected defense.  A big test will come next season when Pinkel loses quite a bit of star power on both sides of the ball.  Can he build a consistent SEC contender?

#10 – Hugh Freeze – Ole Miss Rebels – We have learned one thing for certain about Hugh Freeze, the man can recruit.  Now he needs to take the talent he is accumulating and put it together on the field in a winning system.  He has done well with a young team this season and next year they have the potential to take a big step up.

#11 – Will Muschamp – Florida Gators – Muschamp has had a very good defense at Florida over the last few seasons but the offense has not been able to produce much of anything.  This season has been a huge disappointment for the Gators but they have been decimated by injuries.

#12 – Brett Bielema – Wisconsin Badgers – Bielema has an identity and a plan as a head coach.  He wants a big offensive line and a powerful group of running backs so that he can line up across from you and pound you into submission.  He is very good at what he does but he needs to prove that he can recruit the right players in SEC country.

#13 – Mark Stoops – Kentucky Wildcats – Stoops is doing an excellent job of recruiting at Kentucky and is going to bring in a major influx of talent that should help make the Wildcats more competitive.  The question is how much talent can he bring in and can he make them believe they can compete?

#14 – Dan Mullen – Mississippi State Bulldogs – Mullen is a good offensive mind but he has not been able to recruit well enough and his offensive system looks far less dynamic then it did when he was at Florida.  Also, he has had a good bit of talent on defense and they have been average at best.


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As much as I hate to say it....Malzahn should be moved slightly higher. I hope we kick their @sses tomorrow, but he's quickly turned that team around. Also, nice touch on saying Bielema is coaching the Badgers....I totally read that and didn't think twice. Make him earn it! hahaha
That is a tough list to make because there is so much volatility and so much up and down every season. But I think your approach is good. Can they recruit? Have they been consistent? Have they just been a flash in the pan? Those are all things you have to take into account.

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