OVEREACTING to Alabama’s Offensive Line Performance

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There are a lot of questions flying around the country and on the major networks (ESPN) about Alabama's offensive line.  As I detailed in an article before the VT game I said this was the first real test for our new offensive line after the loss of Warmack, Jones and Fluker.  After watching this game I have a few thoughts and would like to know what you think:

(1) The coaches played this game very close to the vest offensively and did not open up much of the playbook.  As I was sitting there watching the game I could tell with 80% certainty based on the formation that we were either going to run the ball or pass the ball.

(2)  Plain and simple this offensive line is nowhere near as good as last seasons offensive line as of this moment.  Last year this offensive line was so good that it didn't matter if the opponent knew exactly what play we were running, they could not stop it.  They were flat out dominant.

(3)  This offensive line will get better and most likely will quickly.  VT had a solid defensive line and they did a lot of shifting up front and were very aggressive which seemed to confuse our offensive line.  As they communicate better they will get better.

Simply put, we were vanilla and predictable with an offensive line that is not yet as good as they were last year against a good defensive line which led to some struggles.  What are your thoughts?

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Hope you are correct. Arie and Cyrus looked as if they were confused .
They did look a little lost out there but it was there first game playing together on the collegiate level. Communication will improve.
They did look a little lost out there but it was there first game playing together on the collegiate level. Communication will improve.

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