Alvin Kamara Headed to Clemson?

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Former UGA recruit and Alabama tailback Alvin Kamara appears to be on his way to Clemson.  Last night Kamara had a visit with Clemson's running back coach Tony Elliott and it appears that everything that came out of that visit was positive.  The other schools competing for Kamara's services appear to be Oregon and Florida State but Clemson appears to have emerged as the clear front runner. 

SEC schools like Georgia/Auburn/Florida are not an option for Kamara because per his release from Alabama he would have to go the junior college route in order to be eligible to transfer to another school in the SEC.  It appears that Kamara is dead set against going down that road and would rather sit out a year at a BCS program and put in the work learning a system so that he can hit the ground running in 2015. 



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he had trouble sitting out a year in Tusk-aluza, what makes anyone think he can sit a year by the lake!?
I think he will be happy as long as he is away from Alabama and Saban. I think he was truly miserable there...

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