Alabama Steals Top Prospect Out of Georgia

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Alabama added their 5th commitment to the Class of 2015 on Saturday when 6'5 262 pound defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter of Tucker HS in Tucker, GA committed to the Tide.  Ledbetter exploded onto the recruiting scene in 2013 when he transferred from a small private school to Georgia high school football powerhouse Tucker HS.  Ledbetter joins Dallas Warmack (Chance's brother) of Mays HS and Mekhi Brown of Carver HS as the three commits the Tide already have reeled in from the state of Georgia. 

It is going to be very interesting to follow Alabama's recruiting in the state of Georgia this year to see how much it changes now that UGA has brought in Jeremy Pruitt as defensive coordinator.  As we know all too well, Pruitt is one of the best recruiters in the game and you can bet his #1 priority will be to keep as many of the top HS players in Georgia in state so we better do work early because the state of Georgia has been very good to Nick Saban since Kirby Smart arrived.

Some other guys from Georgia our staff is in it with early and are worth watching are Trent Thompson (5-Star DT), Taj Griffin (5 Star RB), Mitch Hyatt (5 Star OT), Natrez Patrick (4 Star OLB), D'Andre Walker (4 Star OLB).

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I do not blame Alabama for recruiting so heavily in Georgia because the fact is they cannot win with a majority of their players coming from Alabama so they HAVE to raid other states. Just like Tennessee had to back when they had a good football program. The Alabama 2013 roster featured 58 players from out of the state of Alabama.
You are dead on with this comment. And the fact that Georgia is viewed by many to be one of the "Big 4" for recruiting including Florida, Texas and California makes Georgia a prime target to be raided.
Kinda sad when you think about it. Knowing you could not win with just your own states players. I know no team anywhere has no out of state players but at least Florida and Georgia have players that the vast majority over the years came from Georgia and Florida. I know states like Alabama, South Carolina,Tennessee,Kentucky and Mississippi cannot function without players from other states because of the states populations and more than one college to compete against instate but it has to suck knowing 3/4ths of your team are from another state...

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